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The youngest Generation of Architects in Graubünden

In the autumn 2007 and spring term 2008 the course Architecture History and Theory of the Chur Institute of Architecture focused on the youngest generation of architects working in the Grisons. As a research project started the course investigated on the latest developments in architecture in the particular region of the Grisons. Since several years a younger generation started with their own practice. They do more and more projects. Their design approach is more expressive than Peter Zumthor or architects like Bearth and Deplazes, Jüngling and Hagmann, or Conradin Clavuot. But they have gone through a different education, with different professors and international studies.

In the recent years major architecture projects in the Grisons are built by architects such as Peter Zumthor, Andrea Deplazes, Valentin Bearth, Canradin Clavuot, Andreas Hagmann, Dieter Jüngling, and Valerio Olgitati. Peter Zumthor works with a very personal approach towards architecture and focuses on material, construction, memory, images, and atmosphere. The younger architects such as Conradin Clavuot, Valentin Bearth, Andera Deplaze, Andreas Hagman, Quintus Miller have studied together at the ETH in Zurich under professor Fabio Reinhard and Misoslav Sik. This group of students is known as «Analogus Architects» and have a commune relation in their architectonic research towards site.

The youngest generation has studied under different circumstances and with different professors. For sure the professor and architect Hans Kollhoff was then one of the important sources. Others have studied in the Netherlands, United States, or with architects as Daniel Libeskind, Steven Hall or others. A major subject is that several of these architects have worked or studied outside Switzerland. The designs of this generation are more expressive, and urban compared to there older generation. But still the projects often still show an interest in site, local constructions, and traditions.

The course worked on a publication with several architects and projects and produced a short film statement by the architects on their design approach.


Videos with statements from the architects


The following architects participated in the project:

Büro O, Barbara Peterli und Miguel Javier Verme, Chur

Ramun Capaul and Gordian Blumenthal, Ilanz

Adrian Christen, Chur,

Maurus Frei and Partners, Chur,

Marlene Gujan, Conrad Pally, Curaglia / Igis,

Monika Geissler, Chur,

Ivano Iseppi and Stefan Kurath, Thusis, Iseppi/Kurath;

Corinna Menn, Chur,

Norbert Mathis, Trin,

Jon Ritter, Chur,

Christoph Sauter, St. Moritz,

Schwander Sutter, Chur,

Arge Sursass, Scuol and Champfer: Marisa Feuerstein, Jon Armon Strimer, Men Clalüna, Annabelle Breitenbach

Raphael Zuber, Chur,


Other interesting offices:

Men Duri Arquint, Chur,

Angela Deuber, Chur,

Michael Hemmi und Michele Vassella, Chur/Haldenstein

Robert Albertin, Haldenstein,

Selina Walder / Georg Nickisch, Flims

Pascal Wiedemann, Daniel Mettler, Chur,



Kevin Barden, Reka Fulop, Ivana Furtula, Huaihai Huang, Jennifer Hübner, Jessica Kovarik, Chelsea Morrissey, Mano Marija, Sonja Neesen, Banush Shyqeriu, Mihai Sulea, Robert Thompson, Ziju Yang, Kosuke Yutani