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And the presence of his work and thinking in contemporary architecture

«One does not need to travel everywhere to understand it.», Rudolf Olgiati

Tuesday, 27. November 2012, 15.00 Uhr, TU Eindhoven
Exhibition Opening


Still today, the work and the architecture thinking of Rudolf Olgiati is very present in Switzerland though predominantly in the area of Graubünden. The architect Peter Märkli often talks about Olgiati’s influence in his work, and several other architects have built houses, which would not have looked the same without the knowledge of Olgiati’s buildings and thinking. The lecture explores traces of thoughts  that can be followed by architects as Peter Zumthor, Conradin Clavuot, Miller & Maranta, Roger Boltshauser, or Men Duri Arquint who refer to the architectural grammar Olgiati developed. The scale of thoughts spans from urban ideas, to the building settings, appearance and the inner sculptural formulating of space.