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What Say Wood. In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur

What Say Wood is a publication on our exhibition projects for the Venice architecture biennale and how they have inspired us to advance investigations, challenging us to develop the discourse of our practice. The formal questions that emerged in these tasks have helped us directly, as well as indirectly in an unconscious way, to get further into our architectural methods and processes. The possibility to concentrate on pure structure and meaning with focus on the calibration of form and material has helped us in our teaching and practice. There is a close relationship between our exhibition projects and our realised projects. Our experiences in these exhibition projects have helped us dare to be more personal and direct, and deeper within our methods and processes. A common intention for all the exhibitions has been to offer a very direct and instant experience of matter, materiality and space. We also want our artefacts be something one is a bit puzzled about and to encourage a deeper reading of geometry and materiality as well as a reflection on what architecture can be.

Included is also an essay by Prof. Daniel A. Walser - «Specific Light and Shadow for an authentic place»

Titel: What Say Wood
Subtitel: In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur
Author: Katarina Lundeberg and Fredric Benesch
Essay: Daniel A. Walser
Printed: on Munken Pure 100 gsm
Cover: Conqueror Texture Laid 220 gsm
Print: Pozkal, Inowrochclav, Poland, 2018
Format: 80 pages, 150 x 210 mm, 150 g
Daniel A. Walser - Publisher for Architecture, Zurich, Switzerland

ISBN 978-3-907143-00-1

Preis/Price - 20 Euro / 22 CHF / 200 Sek, plus shipping costs and taxes

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In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur