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World Architecture 1900-2000. A Critical Mosaic
Volume 4, The Mediterranean Basin


World Architecture records the major architectural contributions made in all regions of the world to the development of human culture. Grouped into 10 geographical regions and representing five twenty-year-periods, the buildings have been selected by approximately 80 eminent international architectural critics. Each volume contains 100 buildings from one particular region, each object accompanied by an analytical text as well as by drawings and photographs. Introduction essays by the general editor, Kenneth Frampton, and the editor(s) of each volume complete the survey. The series comprises 10 volumes.

«Thus thus architectural collection is to be understood as a critical mosaic representing as a whole the entire evolution of Worls Architecture fromm 1900 to 2000.» Wilfried Wang



World Architecture 1900-2000. A Critical Mosaic: Volume 4 The Mediterranean Basin, Herausgeber Kenneth Frampton, Zhang Qinnan, Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Associate Editor Daniel Walser, Springer Verlag Wien New York, 2002. ISBN: 3-211-83287-4


Springer-Verlag Wien New York


China Architecture & Building Press, Beijing